How To Get Into A UK University As An International Student

How to get into a UK university as an international student from outside of the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start when applying to UK universities.

Here are some tips to help you get started

1. Research UK universities. Once you have decided which UK university you would like to attend, it is important to do your research and find out as much as you can about the school. This includes reading student reviews and researching the admissions requirements.

2. Create a strong application package. In order to be accepted into a UK university, you will need to create a strong application package. This includes submitting transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Make sure to focus on why you want to attend the university and what you hope to achieve while attending.

These are tailored to my own personal experience, it may differ slightly depending on the school you’re going to and maybe the course too, but the range of difference won’t be much.

How would I gain Masters Admission Into UK Universities Presumably

United Kingdom has part of most extraordinary Universities in the entire world for both postgraduate and undergrad programs. That is the significant motivation behind why concentrate on in the UK from Int’l student is one of the famous objective for youthful students understudies who need quality schooling. To look for and gain entrance into UK colleges for aces, there are not many things you really want to remember. For example, prerequisites, important reports, how to apply, school expenses and how to apply for Visa.

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How to Apply for Admission Into UK Universities for Masters 

To apply for masters admission into any of the Universities above, it is better you contact the universities for the specific requirements for your course and how to submit an application. You can do this by getting the contact details on the universities from their website. Most Universities in the UK will responds to your inquiries within 48hours.


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Generally, the school will need you to upload the following documents before you’re considered for an admission offer.

1. Degree certificate
2. Transcript
3. Passport
4. Academic reference letter
5. Work reference letter
7. IELTS (Depending on the course you want to study)
7. CV


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Most UK schools do not waste time in giving admission. As long as you have good results, valid documents and a compelling Statement of Purpose, be sure to receive an offer as soon as you apply.

If you provided everything they asked for, you will get an instant unconditional offer, but if there are things you omitted, you will be given a conditional offer and they will tell you the conditions you need to meet so as to make the offer unconditional.

When you get an unconditional offer letter, you will be told how much your tuition fee is and how to make the payment. Depending on the school, your tuition could be between the range of £9,000 to £15,000 or even more.

You will be asked to pay a tuition deposit of about £3000-£6000 on average.

Upon paying your deposit, the school will issue you a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter which is very important for your visa process.

Remember, your proof of fund must be ready as at the time you are receiving your admission offer because some schools might want you to send it with your tuition deposit before they issue your CAS.

Your POF should be nothing less than 10m for a single person, but for families it is more. And the fund must be in that account for 28days before the visa application.


Once you have your CAS, the next step is to apply for your visa. This process is started online through the UK visa website. You will need the following documents.

Degree certificate
CAS letter
Tuberculosis test certificate
IELTS(if you used it for your admission application)
Bank statement (to show proof of fund)
Reference letter from work
Marriage certificate (if you are married)

How To Get Into A UK University As An International Student


Health insurance surcharge = £470 for one year program. If your program is 2years like mine then is = £940.

Visa application fee = $485

Tuberculosis test = $120 or less

These figures are valid and accurate as at the time I was running my application. So do not be surprised if you are asked to pay more or less, change is always constant.

Summarily Of How To Get Into A UK University As An International Student

– Apply for admission
– Get the offer letter
– Then pay the tuition deposit
– Get your CAS
– Get your POF ready
– Get your TB certificate ready
– Apply for visa online where you will pay for your health insurance and visa fees and book for date for biometric appointment.
– Go for your Biometrics appointment
– Your visa approved
– Welcome to the UK!

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